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What is Saluting Branches?

This grave marker belongs to pet Ras Bueten, of the 581st Ordnance Ammunition Company, which helped prepare for D-Day in WWII and contained African-American troops.


On September 22nd, 2021, The City of Dallas Park and Recreation Department hosted a Saluting Branches event to help beautify historical L. Butler Nelson Cemetery in Dallas, TX. Saluting Branches is a non-profit organization honoring American service men and women by organizing volunteer tree and landscape care for properties dedicated to our veterans. According to Saluting Branches, there are currently 119 veteran cemeteries throughout the country, many of which require professional arborist care for their trees. Volunteers at this event included Lincoln High School JROTC with Major Thompson, Trinity Blackland Urban Forestry Council, The City of Dallas Park and Recreation Department, and the City of Dallas Public Works Department.


Volunteers from the Lincoln High School JROTC Unit worked in small groups to prune trees and shrubs in order to increase visibility into the pet cemetery. In addition, these volunteers were taught the 3-cut pruning method and other pruning techniques, which were led by TBUFC Council Members Mike Sills and Marc Beaudoing. Together they were able to uncover many stones that had been covered with debris and raised the canopy of shrubs and trees to improve site lines. Their work was instrumental in the success of the event.

Marc Beaudoing,
TBUFC Board Member